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Our Team

O&S Associates is led by V.P. Samy, the Founder and Principal of O&S Associates, who brings over 35 years’ experience of engineering and directs a professional staff of over 100 that includes more than 28 registered professional engineers and architects. O&S has five principals within the firm, all of whom are involved in nearly every project at some level.

One key attribute that separates O&S from a typical engineering firm is the range and diversity of our experience. Our team of seasoned professionals excels in project leadership, teamwork, dedication, and cooperation, which provides our clients with superior designs and exceptional service. This expertise and our commitment to quality provide clients with the latest technologies and advances in materials and products.

The principals of our firm are experienced and knowledgeable professionals who play key leadership roles in this organization. Their responsibilities extend beyond technical expertise and may include strategic planning, business development, client relations, and overall management of the firm.

Below are the Principals of O&S:

Architectural Design Services, Engineering Solutions, Architectural Engineering Services, Integrated Design Services