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O&S specializes in the reports and studies required of counties, cities, and states such as:

40-year Inspections required of:
a. Broward County
b. Miami-Dade County
c. Other Florida Counties

NYC Reports and filings including:
a. FISP (Local Law 11)
b. Local Law 84 and 87 energy benchmarking, energy audit, and retro-commissioning
c. TR-1 Special Inspection Reports

Façade Law Inspections:
a. NYC FISP (Local Law 11)
b. Philadelphia’s PM 304.10
c. Columbus, OH
d. Chicago, IL
e. St. Louis, MO

Parking Structure Inspections
a. New York State Parking Structure 5-Year Inspection
b. Hackensack, NJ, Parking Structure Inspection