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NYC Parking Law - Local Law 126

New Periodic Inspection Requirements for NYC Parking Structures

New York City has mandated periodic parking garage inspections per NYC Garage Law – Local Law 126.

NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) has implemented Periodic Inspection Requirements for NYC Parking Structures, Local Law 126 (LL126). Parking garage owners must have their parking structures inspected by a NYS registered Professional Engineer who is certified by the DOB as a Qualified Parking Structure Inspector (QPSI).

Local Law 126 applies to:

  • Buildings, or portions of a building, used for parking or storing motor vehicles, including space inside or under a building.
  • Open parking garages and enclosed parking garages

O&S has evaluated, programmed and managed over 2,000 parking design and restoration projects, hundreds of them in Manhattan. Further, we have already evaluated dozens of Local Law 126 Inspections.

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Inspection and Report Requirements

A Qualified Parking Structure Inspector (QPSI) performs an on-site conditions assessment of the structure to determine if there are indications of damage, decay, or deterioration. Per the NYC Garage Law, the QPSI must then file a written report of the findings with the New York City Department of Buildings within 60 days of the conditions assessment.
The report must classify the parking structure as:
Safe – No conditions that require repair
SREM – Safe with Repairs and / or Engineering Monitoring
Unsafe – Problems or defects that threaten public safety and require immediate stabilization
or repair measures

Local Law 126 Article:

New Periodic Inspection Requirements for NYC Parking Structures: Local Law 126

NYC DOB Parking Structure Safety

New Periodic Inspection Requirements for NYC Parking Structures Cycle 1 Begin January 1, 2022



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