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Parking Garage Safety & Local Law 126 Webinar

O&S joins with Super and Brick Underground for an emergency webinar on safety inspections and relevant regulation of parking garages, LL126.

Building safety and Local Law 126 from Super Software on Vimeo.

Local Law 126 Webinar

The tragic collapse of 57 Ann St has crystallized the importance of the many safety checks required by New York City—including the recent rollout of Local Law 126 (LL126)specific to the periodic inspections of parking structures.

To help unpack critical building safety checks, including new Local Laws such as LL126, Super is partnering with Brick Underground and engineering firm O&S Associates for an emergency webinar about parking garage safety. We will dive into safety inspections building managers should be aware of and relevant regulation. There will be ample time for Q&A on this critical topic.

Please see the page below to learn more about Local Law 126:

Local Law 126 Article