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O&S understands that projects are only successful when they are carefully planned

O&S has refined our approach to understanding and determining the needs of a project and the associated constraints, obstacles, and budgets in order to determine and present technically and fiscally viable options. Recommendations and options for projects are more clearly understood when studied and presented in a report so that project stakeholders can evaluate which cost, service life, maintenance, and resiliency is best for the collective needs.

O&S provides studies that meet several particular demands:

Project Planning
Capital Reserve Studies and Physical Needs Assessments are written to develop a component inventory and capital expenditure calendar over 10 to 20 years. These studies are provided with a multi-discipline team of seasoned subject matter experts to create a comprehensive financial assessment and useful life schedule for all common elements in your facility or community. These reports are a guideline to assure that the proper funds are set aside over time to keep up with the maintenance of your buildings.

Energy Audits per ASHRAE 90 level 1, 2, or 3 standards to propose energy conservation measures or to calculate investment-grade energy savings plans.

Building Envelope condition assessments for repair and replacement planning of exterior walls, roofing, balconies, windows, and waterproofing.

a. EIFS, Stucco, precast, and other sided or panelized exterior walls
b. Roofing and insulation
c. Parapets and railings

Parking Structure Condition Assessments to determine conceptual repair options and preventive maintenance programs for garages, plazas, and green roofs.

Click here to request a Property Condition Assessment Proposal.

Transition & Turnover Reports

Click here to request a Transition Report

Acquisitions, Depositions, Transitions, and Refinances
Due diligence reports for property acquisition or deposition. O&S can either be the prime consultant with a multi-discipline team or a specialist for high-risk conditions, such as exterior walls, parking structures, civil/stormwater, defects or claims, or other conditions requiring a more in-depth evaluation.

  1. Transition reports to identify defects and costs to cure for community associations taking control from a sponsor or developer.
  2. Integrated Physical Needs Assessments (IPNA) reports for HUD financing.
  3. Reserve Studies often required of Community Associations for refinance or end-user mortgages.

Litigation or Claims Assessments
We provide expert reports for defects or construction claims due to cost overruns, failures, performance, or defects in:

  • Structural elements, including wood, structural steel, and concrete, particularly for weather, traffic, water, or fire-related deterioration
  • Architectural finishes
  • Building Systems such as HVAC (Chillers, Boilers, etc.), emergency power, and electrical distribution
  • Civil or Site issues for stormwater, paving, etc.
  • Surveying for issues related to property line, improvements, zoning evaluations, etc.
  • Affidavits of Merit (CVs available upon request)
  • Schedule and Delay Claims
  • Rebuttal Reports
  • Forensic reports for determining causation, failure modes
Risk Assessment and Planning, Preliminary Project Studies, Site Assessment and Planning, Project Viability Analysis
Regulatory & Compliance

Regulatory & Compliance – Local Laws
O&S specializes in the reports and studies required of counties, cities, and states such as:

  1. 40-year inspections required of:
    • Broward County
    • Miami-Dade County
    • Other Florida Counties
  2. NYC Reports and filings including:
    1. FISP (Local Law 11)
    2. Local Law 84 and 87 energy benchmarking, energy audit, and retro-commissioning
    3. TR-1 Special Inspection Reports
  3. Facade Law Inspections:
    • NYC FISP (Local Law 11)
    • Philadelphia’s PM 304.10
    • Columbus, OH
    • Chicago, IL
    • St. Louis, MO
  4. Parking Structure Inspections
    • New York State Parking Structure 5-year Inspection
    • Hackensack, NJ Parking Structure Inspections
Economic and Financial Studies