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Villas at Packer Park Condominium


This community consists of 23 buildings containing 92 residential units constructed in 2005. Since construction of the property was complete, the association received multiple reports of leaks that, through intensive investigation, were determined to be related to deficient door and window flashing and stucco detailing. The façade consists of stucco with stucco-coated EPS trim around windows and doors. The association engaged O&S in 2017 to implement a Limited Stucco Façade Remediation program on the rear elevations of the building where the worst damage was identified. In the pilot phase of the program, four buildings were selected for stucco removal, substrate and flashing repair, and stucco replacement.

O&S Associates was hired as the prime A/E to provide restoration design services. Responsibilities included visual assessment and report writing, establishing a budget, design, drawing production, specification writing, soliciting bids, scope leveling among bidders, contract preparation between association and contractor, change order request review, request for information (RFI) coordination, construction on site representation, contractor pay application review, and project closeout.

During the pilot phase, pricing was obtained to complete the scope of work on the entire community. Based on the received pricing, the Association asked O&S about opportunities for cost saving. O&S worked with the Association to determine that, in lieu of stucco, a composite siding material could be installed, and therefore, siding was used for the remainder of the pilot program on the rear elevations.

O&S is currently assisting the association in the implementation of the full project, scheduled to be complete in 2019. At the end of the project, approximately 31,000 SF of stucco will be removed, wood structure repaired, new flashings and weather resistant barrier material installed, all windows will be removed, reflashed, and reset, and all French doors will be replaced on the rear elevations of the buildings. On the side elevations, all sealant joints will be replaced, and a new elastomeric coating will be installed. Where leaks are reported on side and front elevations, O&S will investigate and direct the contractor as required to remove, reflash, reset, and locally repair the stucco façade.