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University of Maryland Elkins Building

College Park, MD

This 3 story building was constructed in 1977.  The façade architecture includes a brick masonry system with planters and pavers located over a structural slab in the southwest corner of the building.  O&S was hired to perform an investigation to accurately identify the cause and origin of water infiltration into the affected spaces.  The investigation included reviewing available drawings, visually inspecting areas, recreating leaks by simulating normal rainfall, and tracing and correlating intrusion.  Standards identified in ASTM E2128 were utilized in evaluating the leakage.  Isolated excavation was performed at the building face to identify existing products and termination conditions.  Exploratory openings were performed by removing and replacing pavers at small isolated locations in order to visually inspect substrate and waterproofing conditions.  Water testing was performed using methods as defined by AAMA 501.2.  The findings were documented in a report submitted to the University.