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University of Central Missouri Humphreys Hall

Warrensburg, MO


University of Central Missouri

Humphreys Building is a four-story building located on the campus of the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri. The building consists of three separate building sections. Two of the sections, known as the East and West wings, were originally constructed as separate, stand-alone buildings in the early 1900s. In the 1960s a central “Connector Building” section was constructed to connect the two sections, and the building collectively became known as the Humphreys Building.

The various stone façades have undergone significant age- and weather-related damage and deterioration. Specific deterioration observed includes stone scaling (freeze-thaw damage), spalling, splitting, cracking, etc. In addition to the deterioration observed at the stone façades, we also identified failed sealants along window frames, debonded/worn concrete coatings, and cracked and debonded mortar joints.

O&S provided a detailed condition assessment report and developed a comprehensive façade repair and maintenance program designed to address the observed deterioration. A complete waterproofing program was also recommended to mitigate water infiltration, which includes sealant replacements, and provisions for a water repellant surface sealer over the stone façades. After we submitted our Comprehensive Condition Survey report, the client asked us to break the original scope of work up and to be phased over several years to accommodate yearly budgets.

Project Size: 67,000 square feet

Year Completed: 2017–In Progress

Construction Cost: $1.4 million


Doug Timmer

University of Central Missouri