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St. Michael’s Hospital

Newark, NJ


St. Michael’s Hospital

O&S provided several projects to St. Michael’s Hospital in Newark NJ, which was a distressed property that was purchased by Prime Healthcare circa 2018.

Emergency Wall Repairs

O&S designed the emergency wall repairs to portions of the hospital that were more than 100 years old. Imminent Collapse conditions existed that threatened pedestrians below. O&S designed the emergency shoring and protection, and later were the structural engineers for the permanent repairs.

Roofing Design and Parapet Wall Reconstruction

O&S designed the roof removal and replacement at the Annex Building to address on-going water infiltration and structural conditions throughout. The scope of work included the removal of the existing roofing assembly, installation of new tapered insulation and assembly substrate, and installation of new fully-adhered TPO roofing assembly. The existing masonry clad bulkheads were selectively repaired to address steel angle, masonry, and mortar conditions and subsequently clad with a decorative metal cladding assembly. The fully occupied building remained as such for the full duration of the project. The total construction value is approximately $700,000.

At Building C, O&S initially designed the emergency repairs, wall stabilization, and sidewalk shedding to address the displaced brick masonry and parapet wall conditions around the building’s outside perimeter. O&S simultaneously designed the parapet wall reconstruction and roofing replacement scopes of work to address the active water infiltration, emergency conditions, inefficient roof drainage, etc. The total construction value is approximately $625,000.

Parking Structure Repairs

O&S accomplished a near record-speed reconstruction of a parking structure that was closed due to decay and deterioration. The parking structure closure made parking at the hospital difficult. The project was completed in less than six months and included structural repairs, lighting, waterproofing, and paving.

Main Hospital Pharmacy Renovations

The scope was HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, and miscellaneous structural engineering for floor openings and roof supported equipment. The design was a challenge to bring a 50+ year old hospital’s pharmacy into conformance with USP (US Pharmacopeia) standard 797 and 800 for non-hazardous and hazardous compounding.

Cancer Center Satellite Pharmacy Renovations

This design was also a challenge for similar reasons. This pharmacy was renovated first to USP 797 and 800 standards prior to renovating the Main Pharmacy to maintain pharmacy operations and avoid the costs of temporary outsourcing. This renovation required the renovations of larger building systems, including a dedicated year-round chiller to meet the cooling requirements of the cancer center, cancer center pharmacy, and the central sterile facility.

Catherization Suites Renovations

This was renovation of a 30-year-old suite to provide a state-of-the art catherization suite suitable for TAVAR (trans-arterial valve replacement procedures). We were responsible for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection.

Central Sterile Supply HVAC Upgrades

This project was primarily a balancing project once the chiller and HVAC systems were upgraded during other projects.

Roof-Mounted Chiller Upgrades

O&S designed a 200-ton rooftop chiller to serve the top three floors of the hospital to meet year-round cooling demands for the imaging center’s equipment, catherization suites, as well as the operating theaters.