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St. Joseph’s Hospital Parking Structure

Tampa, FL


St. Joseph’s Hospital

Project Team

Orlando Ballate, P.E.
Alex Mathew


  • Condition Assessment
  • Structural Design – New Construction
  • Structural Design – Restoration
  • Functional Design

O&S Associates, Inc. performed a condition assessment of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Employee Parking Garage. The garage is a 6 level precast “double tee” concrete parking facility with a footprint of approximately 232 ft. wide x 244 ft. long. The garage has five supported levels and the lowest level is on grade. There are 4 parking modules that are approximately 61 ft. wide.

The purpose of this engineering study is to determine the physical condition of the parking facility from visual observations and testing. The condition survey was to determine the approximate extent of the structural deterioration problems and develop a recommended program for repair and rehabilitation with a budget cost estimate for the construction work. A complete visual survey of the soffit slabs, columns, ledger beams, stairs and other pre cast concrete members of the parking garage was performed