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San Juan International Airport

Carolina, PR


Luis Munoz Marin/San Juan International Airport

The San Juan airport consists of four different terminal buildings plus one non-terminal section, namely Terminal A, Terminal B, Terminal C, Terminal D and the FIS Building, offices, etc. The building facades of the airport are primarily constructed using metal stud walls with a cement plaster cladding (stucco), in addition to large metal framed glass curtain walls, storefront systems, metal framed punch windows, metal doors and louvers, etc.

O&S performed a condition assessment of the entire airport building façade, including rooftop façade elevations not visible from the ground. Our survey found numerous locations with heavy deterioration and damage that are not typical for the age and general climate of the airport building. Hurricane damage is apparent at many of these locations while at others, the damage has likely been caused by significant weather events such as the passage of hurricanes. At the time of our survey, portions of the Terminal D building were closed and rendered unusable due to the extent of the damage.

Our immediate repair recommendations included replacement and/or repair of plaster façade, metal stud and structural steel framing, and sealants, and waterproofing.


$4.1 million

Project Data:

Footprint of the airport terminal area is roughly 1.5 million SF