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Pittsburgh SEA Parking Garages

Pittsburgh, PA


Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh & Alleghany County

O&S completed an inspection and evaluation of the three primary parking garages that service their football and baseball stadiums at the North Shore of Pittsburgh for the Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh & Allegheny County (SEA) and the Stadium Authority (SA). In addition to the parking garages, O&S also inspected and recommended repairs for the Tribute to Children Memorial that is owned by SEA. The programs included assessment, bidding, construction document creation and construction administration to address deficient structural and waterproofing conditions throughout the structures. Construction was completed on the structures while maintaining regular commuter and event parking with minimal disruption to operations. Restoration of all four structures was completed on time and on budget and met the stringent requirements of the SEA. O&S has since been engaged to assist with restoration of additional structures owned and operated by the SEA based on the success of these four projects.