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Oregon District Parking Garage

Dayton, OH


City of Dayton

O&S Associates performed engineering and parking consulting services for the complete structural restoration and upgrading of a six story, 1500 space, post tensioned concrete parking garage for the Oregon District Garage in Dayton, Ohio. The parking garage has a cast-in-place concrete structural system, with post-tensioned reinforcement. The parking facility had undergone considerable age-related deterioration due to years of freeze-thaw exposure and deicing salts. Deterioration we observed consisted of heavy deterioration of ramp slabs, concrete cracking and spalling had developed at walls, beams, columns and slabs, and floor slab scaling was occurring at the Roof slab. O&S devised a remediation & repair project designed to address all of the structural deterioration in the garage. A complete protective waterproofing program tailored to the garage was also recommended which included repair/replacement of existing failed waterproofing elements such as sealants and expansion joints; as well as providing new waterproofing measures such as traffic bearing waterproofing membranes and restoring existing membranes at lower levels, concrete penetrating sealers on the slabs and walls. Upgrades such as new LED lighting, security monitoring, signage/wayfinding upgrades, and replacement of a large curtain wall were also requested. The garage also has a large Stucco clad pedestrian bridge, extensively cracked. We recommended upgrading the bridge fa├žade to a new more cold tolerant EIFS cladding. Upon submission of our comprehensive report, the City of Dayton requested us to phase the project over four years due to project size and budget. Our recommended total phased budget for the project was $8.6M.

Phase 1 of the project was designed to address the worst concrete repairs in the garage including the helix ramps and to waterproof the roof level floor slab. A new LED lighting package was also included in the design. The project commenced in late 2018 with a $3.3M budget. Phase 1 had a low bid of $3.1M which was under budget and the City of Dayton requested additional work be scheduled to meet the original $3.3M that they had allocated for the garage for that Phase. The project was completed in 2019. Design of Phase 2 was completed in August 2020 and has a budget of $2.1M. The project includes remaining concrete and structural repairs of the lower levels and selected slab waterproofing. An updated security package, including new cameras and a DVR recording system will also be provided in Phase 2. O&S is also contracted for providing contract administration services and technical supervision throughout the project and assisted in bidding and bid review.