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Amerigas New Propanne Cylindar Processing Facility

Wrightstown, NJ


Amerigas Propane

Amerigas is renovating their existing facility in Wrightstown, NJ, to improve the workflow of their propane cylinder processing line. The renovation includes adding new equipment to increase the productivity of the facility.

O&S provided full-service design consulting for Amerigas. The O&S team included architects, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers as well as project management. O&S coordinated with Amerigas and their legal representation for land use review and municipal permitting.

O&S design services included civil engineering for the demolition of an existing building as well construction of two new buildings. Civil engineering also designed site improvements such as new paved areas and wayfinding for on-site traffic, parking layout, and beautification of the street-facing portion of the property.

Design of the two new buildings started with an architectural code review and life safety analysis to layout the building space, entrances, and exits. O&S services also included structural coordination of the prefabricated steel building structures and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering for the fit out of the two new buildings and connections to the new processing equipment.