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Motorists Insurance Company Parking Structure

Columbus, OH


Motorists Insurance Company

Project Team

Orlando Ballate, P.E.
Nabeel Raazi, P.E.


  • Condition Assessment
  • Structural Design – New Construction
  • Structural Design – Restoration
  • Functional Design

O&S Associates provided the engineering and parking consulting services for the complete structural restoration and preventive waterproofing of this 600 vehicle parking garage serving a 21-story office building for the Motorists Mutual Insurance Company. The building is located on Broad Street just east of downtown Columbus. The structural system of the parking garage consists of cast-in-place one-way concrete joists supported on cast-in-place concrete beams and columns. The floor slab is reinforced with high strength, post tensioning and mild steel reinforcement. The parking facility had been experiencing on-going corrosion related deterioration and spalling of the floor slabs and the helical entry/exit ramp. Previous attempts at patch repairs had been piecemeal and largely unsuccessful in addressing the overall deterioration of the parking garage.