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LeFrak Properties

New York, NY


LeFrak Properties

O&S has provided numerous A/E services across the LeFrak Residential and Commercial Portfolio, including façade inspection, exterior wall repairs, plaza renovations, historic preservation for landmark buildings, garage repairs, roofing, NYC FISP (Local Law 11) services emergency response, and municipal consulting and violation closeout. O&S has provided FISP and extension design services on over 25 building and 5,000 residential units, on LeFrak properties. Some plaza levels are completely dedicated to recreation purposes while others include planters and recreational areas. All parking structures include underground parking and some parking on the plaza level. O&S performed condition assessments for all plazas and parking structures and helped the owner layout the new plaza levels with planters and recreational areas. O&S also provided new egress path ways to meet the code requirements including cut opening retaining walls and installing new stair towers. In addition, design included layout of the adjacent shopping complex and renovation of roof level parking. O&S provided design documents and specifications for all plazas and shopping complex and assisted owner with DOB filing. O&S assisted in the bidding process and selected qualified contractors. During construction, O&S was responsible for regular inspections and directed tedious construction details. These projects are ongoing—we have completed several and some are currently in progress. Some of the LeFrak properties O&S has worked include, but are not limited to:

Annapolis Birch Cadillac Citadel
Danbury Delaware Hampton Kansas
Montauk National Nautilus Pasadena
Harrison Towers Adams George Washington Brussels
Marseilles LeFrak City Newport Mall Garages (9ea) Riverside
West Quad Plaza Shoppers Garage and Plaza Harrison Garage, Rec Deck, Community Center Gateway Plaza


As part of the $1 million Lefrak-Wetherole Building Project, O&S provided architectural and consulting services for façade. The Wetherole Building is a historic six-story apartment building constructed in 1928 with solid masonry exterior walls located in Brooklyn, NY. The building footprint consists of two separate six-story structures with a one-story wing connecting both sides. Both street-facing elevations combine parapet walls, gable roofs, and ornate architectural sections to create an elaborate façade system. An inspection of the exterior found deteriorated concrete, deteriorated lintels, broken terracotta coping stones, broken limestone decorations, displaced parapet walls, and deteriorated mortar and masonry. The Wetherole Building was identified as historic by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission and all design and repair work conformed to those requirements.

O&S provided architectural and consulting services for The National 8301, including façade repairs because of façade inspection. The National 8301 is a 6-story, 76-unit apartment building in Brooklyn constructed in 1928 with solid masonry exterior walls and complex architectural features that include a shingled gable roof with a stucco veneer on portions of the 5th and 6th floors. An inspection of the exterior envelope discovered corroded window lintels, broken window sills and terracotta coping stones, deteriorated stucco veneer, loose asphalt shingles, and deteriorated mortar and masonry.

Construction Data:

Cost: $10 million

Completion Date: In Progress

Project Data:

Number of Buildings: Over 50


Phil Wishearth

Assistant General Manager

LeFrak Properties