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Hurley Medical Center

Flint, MI
hospital, engineering, facade, envelope

The Hurley Medical Center is a publicly owned, non-profit teaching hospital in Flint, MI. The main hospital building and allied campus buildings are primarily brick masonry construction constructed mostly in the earlier half of the 1900s.

O&S performed a campus-wide façade inspection and assessment survey. A condition assessment report, recommended repair programs, and budget cost estimates were prepared and submitted to the owner. The entire investigation and the reports were also delivered in our in-house, self-developed online delivery and project management tool called BEMAP (Building Envelope Management and Programming). Campus buildings developed general age-related masonry façade deterioration, including cracked, scaled, and debonding mortar joints and cracked and spalling brick.

O&S developed repair documents for façade repairs on one of the campus buildings. The repairs were performed on a yearly, phased schedule. O&S also provided technical supervision for the façade repairs.

O&S provided structural engineering inspection and consulting services for exterior beams supporting a walkway balcony slab on a campus apartment building. The exterior, concrete-encased steel beams developed corrosion-induced spalling of concrete, which was inspected, and temporary shoring was devised pending permanent repairs.