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Historical Carriage House Garage

Philadelphia, PA


Central Parking System

Project Team

Bill Payne


  • Condition Assessment
  • Structural Design – Restoration

O&S Associates was hired by Central Parking to assess the condition of the Carriage House Garage in Philadelphia, PA. Central Parking was issued a Notice of Violation from the City, warning Central Parking of the unsafe condition of the structure as a result of a metal carving falling from the highest point of the building.

O&S observed the following conditions:

Since the Carriage House Garage is considered a historical building, special attention was paid to the materials and processes used for renovation of the building. O&S Associates ensured that the contractor chosen to complete the worked was experienced with historical preservation projects. O&S Associates specified repair materials to be used when the reuse of existing brickwork or ornamental fixtures was not feasible. O&S Associates completed research into specialty vendors capable of recasting ornamental work, reproducing window fixtures and firing new brick work to match existing.