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Hadley Gardens Apartments

Miami, FL

This project consisted of assessments to a five story, senior housing, apartment building’s 151 residential units built in 1968 on 2.4 acres. O&S Associates provided restoration design documents to improve the quality of housing for all its residents and staff.  The work included upgrading all the apartments, community spaces and the site with new the finishes, appliances and utilities.

The lobby, community room, community kitchen, community restrooms, laundry rooms, garbage chutes and 5% of the apartments were all converted to be fully handicapped accessible.  In addition, 2% of the apartments were converted to be sensory impaired accessible units.  All the other apartments were upgraded with new kitchens, appliances, lighting, plumbing fixtures, painting, individual air conditioning and smoke detectors connected to the upgraded central fire alarm system.  The existing elevators were completely removed and replaced with handicap accessible elevators with emergency backup power, fire department, operation.  The existing central community air conditioning systems were completely removed and replaced.  The site work included handicap accessible walkways, accessible ramps, accessible raised vegetable gardens, accessible benches, shade trees, landscaping, accessible parking, general parking and driveway improvements specifically developed for senior housing residents.  Security upgrades included site lighting, key card automated vehicle entry and exit gates, key card automated building entry doors.  The building’s renovation work included extensive concrete stucco façade repairs, hurricane resistance structural strengthening to the facades, hurricane resistant windows, hurricane resistant doors, hurricane resistant roofing, hurricane resistant guardrails and hurricane resistant building appurtenances.

The project was developed for compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS).