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Glenwood Village Municipal Parking Garage

Bloomfield Parking Authority


Bloomfield, NJ

Project Team

Robert Weissenborn, RA


  • Architectural Design
  • Functional Design
  • Value Engineering
  • Bidding Services
  • Construction Administration / Observation

The Glenwood Village Parking Garage is an integral part of the Glenwood Village Redevelopment project. Located in downtown Bloomfield, the garage is accessible from Lackawanna Place, Glenwood Avenue and Washington Street. Designed for the Bloomfield Parking Authority, the garage serves the needs of public and private users.

As part of the Glenwood Village Redevelopment Project, the garage is encompassed by three adjacent multi-story apartment buildings. With retail space on the ground levels of all the buildings, the garage provides private parking for the apartments and public parking for the retail space as well as the downtown business district. Additionally, the project required commuter parking for the train station directly across the street from the development.

Pedestrian and vehicular access was an essential component to the project. With entrances located from three streets and pedestrian access required in all directions, O&S Associates was able to provide a user friendly design to fit the Parking Authority’s needs for a safe and inviting facility.

O&S Associates provided architectural and structural design for this 450 space parking garage as well as construction management services. This five level garage is a precast concrete structure with architectural precast facades. Utilizing thin brick in the architectural panels, O&S was able to complement the design of the adjacent apartment buildings. Although surrounded by buildings on three sides, the garage was able to be classified as an Open Parking Structure in keeping the project within budget.