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Frank Murphy Hall of Justice Facade Assessment

Detroit, MI


Wayne County


  • Condition Assessment
  • Development of Recommended Repair Program and Cost Estimate

O&S provided engineering consulting services for the Comprehensive Façade Assessment of the county-owned Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, located in Wayne County, Detroit, Michigan. The 200,000-square foot building façade consists of “fluted,” exposed aggregate precast concrete panels, curtain walls, and storefront window systems.

O&S was retained to perform a detailed condition assessment and develop a comprehensive façade restoration program for the entire façade. The building had undergone significant age-related deterioration and had been provided with some previous emergency repairs in the past. O&S identified visible signs of distress, such as large structural cracks, displaced panels, and large concrete spalls at several of the façade panels. Existing panel-to-panel joint sealants had failed.

O&S designed a tailored repair program for the comprehensive restoration of the concrete panel façade. The restoration program addressed the structural instability of the heavily deteriorated concrete panels. The rest of the façade was planned for a comprehensive repair and preventive maintenance restoration. Recommended repairs included replacement of selected panels, concrete patch repairs at panel spalls, and new supplemental panel connections. A complete waterproofing program was also recommended to mitigate water infiltration, which included replacement of the panel joint sealant, curtain wall/storefront frame and gasket sealants, provisions for a water repellant surface sealer over the entire façade, and new metal copings at the top of the façade walls.

Project Size:

Total Façade Area: 200,000 square feet

Construction Cost Estimate: $2 million

Owner:  Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Wayne County, Detroit, MI

Client/Owner Representative: Doug Timmer, Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc., Cleveland, OH

Project Description:

O&S Associates performed the following services:

      Recommended Scope of Work included the following: