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DHL Facility

New York, NY



Project Team

Orlando Ballate, P.E.
Bill Payne


  • Condition Assessment
  • Study

O&S Associates performed a comprehensive structural investigation of the existing building structure both from a condition assessment review of the structural framing elements exhibiting signs of deterioration and from a review of the structural loading related to the existing packaging distribution equipment and structural loading from DHL delivery vehicle traffic, including review of conveyor equipment and platform loading, existing floor slab openings at spiral conveyor/chute equipment and vehicle loading from DHL delivery vehicles operating in the facility.

The structural review consists of review of existing documents (Drawings, Specifications, Testing data), structural analysis, structural calculations and material testing data.

Structural condition assessment, field survey investigation, consisting of visual examination with appropriate extent of non-destructive field testing such as sounding of floor slabs, material sampling, exploratory probes and laboratory testing/analysis of the 2nd thru 5th floor levels of the facility