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Country Lake Roof Replacement

Delray Beach, FL


Country Lake HOA 4B86

O&S provided engineering services for the Country Lake Homeowners Association. Country Lake is a townhome community in Delray Beach Florida comprised of 250 townhomes in 42 buildings. The roofs are sloped asphalt shingles and appeared to be close to 20 years old.

O&S first performed a condition assessment of the existing asphalt shingle roofs and determined that sufficient deterioration was present to recommend full replacement of the existing roofs. Next, construction documents were created to describe the scope of the work. O&S provided in depth review of the various shingle manufactures and worked closely with the HOA to select the products which best fit with the goals of the Association. The chosen product was incorporated into the construction documents. The construction documents were used for bidding and permitting purposes.

O&S first vetted the roofing contractors before inviting them to bid the project. The vetted contractor’s bid prices were reviewed, and adverse bid strategies were flagged and identified to the HOA.

O&S is currently providing construction management services for the project. O&S tracks unit cost work items for reference while reviewing the contractor’s application for payment and reviews any contractor request for changes to the contract to make recommendations to the association.