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Clayton Apartments

Harlem, NY


Clayton Apartments, Inc.


  • Prime Design
  • Architecture
  • Structural Design
  • MEP Design Services
  • Site Analysis
  • Functional Design
  • Sustainability
  • Wayfinding & Pedestrian Travel
  • Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Operations/Revenue Control
  • Construction Management

The 161-unit Mitchell-Lama residential housing cooperative hired O&S Associates, Inc. to design, bid, and provide construction management for a 10-year repair program. The program includes masonry façade repairs, balcony repairs, balcony door replacement, roof replacement, interior work, electrical upgrades, and fire suppression upgrades.

The existing masonry building façade is classified as unsafe. The scope of work will include all necessary masonry repair work needed to restore the building’s façades and make the building’s envelope safe and weather tight. Part of the façade repair work will include repairing the deteriorated concrete balconies and replacing all the deteriorated balcony doors. The entire roof will be removed and replaced with a 20-year no dollar limit warrantied roofing system. The existing roof fans and curbs will be replaced with the roofing system. The deteriorated masonry chimney above the roof will also be repaired. The existing rooftop guardrails will be modified and made code compliant.

The interior work includes renovations to the lobby, corridors, community room, fitness center, electrical upgrades, and the parking garage. The existing lobby has interior entry steps making it inaccessible for handicapped individuals. The renovated lobby will be converted into a handicap-accessible space with a new interior ramp, stairs, finishes, and lighting. The corridor renovation work includes all new decorative flooring, ceilings, and painted finishes with new exit signs. The Community room renovation work includes all new decorative flooring, ceilings, finishes, acoustic insulation, and LED lighting. The community room kitchenet will also be renovated with new decorative flooring, wall, and ceiling finishes. An existing second floor vacant doctor’s office will be converted into a private air-conditioned fitness center for the building’s residents. The new fitness center will be protected with a new independent fire suppression sprinkler system. The apartment renovation work will include the removal and replacement of their existing electrical panels with new code-compliant electrical panels, wiring, circuits, and LED lights. The parking garage restoration work will include removing and repairing deteriorated areas of concrete and asphalt. After it has been restored, it will be restriped and finished.