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Akoya Condominium Association

Miami Beach, FL

Akoya Condominiums is a 47-story high-rise built in 2004 located in Miami Beach, Florida, and is the third tallest building in Miami Beach. In 2015, O&S was tasked with providing a Condition Assessment and Feasibility Study focusing on the five-level post-tension parking structure.

The Association was concerned about two conditions observed in the garage. O&S observed that there were severely corroded barrier strand cables that were partially failed. These tendons were still under tension, and therefore unsafe. Temporary protection was put in place until permanent repairs are completed so no damage or injuries would occur.

The Community was also concerned about drainage conditions and water ponding that were created during wind-driven precipitation. This was a concern for operations, but also because the salt-laden moisture can penetrate the slab and corrode the post-tension cables that reinforce the concrete slab. The corrosion of the barrier strands is a harbinger for this same kind of corrosion that may be taking place inside the slab. O&S proposed to solve this by providing louvers to partially close the vulnerable elevations of the exterior wall openings.