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515 East 72nd Street – Local Law 11

New York, NY


Tudor Management

Project Team

VP Samy, P.E.
Nabeel Raazi, P.E.


  • Condition Assessment
  • Structural Design – Restoration
  • Architectural Design
  • Bidding Services
  • Construction Administration / Observation
  • Upgrades / Renovation
  • Owner’s Rep (Construction)

O&S Associates executed a visual inspection of the façade. The purpose of the inspection was to render an opinion as to the condition of the exterior walls as it pertains to Local Law 11. This report was filed with the NYC building department to meet Local Law 11 requirements related to building maintenance.

This inspection was obtained by the use of motorized swing-stages and photographic magnification techniques from setbacks, street level and roof level observations with binoculars.

O&S Associates prepared repair drawings and technical specifications, bid the work to specialty contractors and made periodic observations of construction.

O&S Associates has provided Local Law 11 inspections since the law was first adopted. We have provided these inspections on more than 100 different buildings in New York City.

O&S Associates performed the following scope of services: