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O&S New SPRAT (Society of Rope Access Technicians) Certifications

SPRAT, facade inspection, envelope inspection, Local Law 11

O&S is excited to announce that we have expanded our team of Architects and Engineers who hold SPRAT (Society of Rope Access Technicians) Rope Access Certifications. Our team completed an intensive program with both classroom and hands-on training and on February 19th three employees gained Level I certification, one employee was recertified as a Level I, and one employee graduated to Level II certification.

Industrial rope access allows O&S to provide comprehensive hands-on façade inspections and assessments at a fraction of the access costs using swing scaffolding or aerial lifts for high and mid-rise buildings. Additionally, rope access allows for greater efficiency and flexibility in accessing a building’s façade in multiple locations versus traditional access methods which are typically limited to select locations and are time consuming to install. It is also a great solution for buildings with sloped roof access, limited access to the roof, or buildings with limited surrounding site. If there are points to tie-off on the roof, rope access is a great option.  

With O&S’s growing Rope Access Team, who are all practicing Architects and Engineers, we can continue to provide our clients with detailed and cost-effective building envelope assessment options to meet their budgets and needs.


Please contact us for more information on Rope Access and how it can work for your next façade assessment or repair program at or 646-736-0699.

SPRAT will provide a close-up inspection of your façade. Please follow the link below for associated projects: