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Notable Project: Envelope and Façade Assessments of 180+ Hospitals & Medical Buildings

As the largest sole provider of healthcare facilities services in the U.S., the organization was grappling with the complex aggregation of its inventory and providing facilities management, consulting, energy, and planning, design and construction, In order to grapple with the complex aggregation of their inventory, they retained O&S, in conjunction with our design-build partner WTI, to perform façade and building envelope condition assessments on more than 180+ hospitals and medical buildings managed by the firm. The assessments provided insight on the condition of the various buildings in their portfolio and to determine a plan moving forward for repair and maintenance of the buildings. Time frames were short, requiring all of the buildings to be assessed and reported within a five-month window. This required a company-wide effort to complete the surveys and deliver condition assessment reports on time. A prioritized recommended scope of work for each building was developed and included a cost estimate for construction.

The buildings ranged in size from large, multi-building/multi-addition medical campuses to small regional hospitals and MOBs. As can be expected surveying 180+ buildings, every type of façade construction, composition, and age range has been encountered, including brick masonry and CMU, concrete panels, stone blocks and panels, EIFS, Stucco, metal panels, FRP panels, and so on. Different ages of the different façade cladding types correspond to different design and construction details that have been used over the years, and familiarity and experience is a must to make the correct conclusions about the conditions that are observed and recommend the proper repair and preventive maintenance measures.

Following the initial round of assessment reports, several campuses were then phased according to priority and some of the projects have already gone to design, bidding, and construction. O&S has provided repair documents and specifications, assisted in biding services, and provided on-site technical supervision during construction. The following pages list many of the properties that were included in the survey as well as the several that have undergone design and repair.