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Local Law 126 ALERT: Prepare Now for the 2024 Garage Inspection Deadline

NYC Parking Garage Law - Local Law 126, Parking Garage Structural Integrity, Repair and Maintenance of Parking Facilities, Structural Strengthening for Parking Decks, Garage Safety Inspections, Rust Mitigation in Parking Structures

New York City parking garages are under scrutiny due to mandated inspections following Local Law 126, with tighter deadlines following a fatal garage collapse in Lower Manhattan. Prabhu Perumalsamy, principal at O&S Associates, emphasizes the importance of building owners understanding updated deadlines and selecting the right engineering firm for inspections. The law requires inspections by 2027, with over 800 garages in lower Manhattan facing fines for non-compliance. When choosing a consultant, ask about their NYC parking garage experience and strategies to expedite repairs. O&S Associates advises finding a firm capable of inspections, repairs, and cost-effective solutions to minimize revenue loss and construction expenses.

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Local Law 126