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FISP Cycle 9B Begins Feb 21, 2021 & DOB Will Issue Violations & Civil Penalties for Failure to Correct SWARMP Conditions from Previous Filings

Civil Penalty for Failure to Correct SWARMP Conditions on FISP Report Filing

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Effective February 21, 2020, an owner who fails to correct a SWARMP (Safe with a Repair and Maintenance Program) condition reported in the previous FISP report filing cycle will be issued a violation and liable for a one-time civil penalty of $2,000 (per the NYC Buildings Service Notice).

The 9th Cycle of Inspections commenced on February 21, 2020 and runs through February 21, 2024.

Buildings are grouped according to the last digit of their block number:

Due to disruptions caused by COVID, many buildings were not able to begin the Cycle 9 FISP process. If your building is in Cycle 9A, there are now only 13 months left to perform inspections and repair UNSAFE conditions before the 9A filing window closes.

Cycle 9 has increased the close-up inspection requirements from one drop at every public-facing elevation to one drop every 60 feet over publicly accessible areas. This rule change will significantly increase the inspection costs for many buildings. 

Rope Access is a safe, highly cost-effective, and less disruptive alternative to traditional suspended scaffold inspections. O&S has highly trained SPRAT-certified Engineers who utilize rope access to conduct close-up visual inspections and perform non-destructive testing.

Contact us to learn how your building can save time and money with Rope Access inspections for your FISP inspection or building envelope repair project.

O&S also provides:
■ Local Law Compliance – FISP, 87, 84, etc.
■ Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors (QEWI)
■ NYS Parking Garage Law Inspections
■ Building Envelope Design & Restoration
■ Architectural & Interior Design
■  Structural & Civil Engineering
■  Parking Garage Design & Restoration
■  NYC Special Inspections
■  Historic & Landmark Building Restoration
■  MEP Design & Energy Audits

Learn more on how to choose the correct architect/engineer for your building Here: