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Robert Mahan, PE

Senior Structural Engineer

Robert is a project manager at O&S with over 8 years of experience. He specializes in the assessment and repair of concrete structures and has repaired a variety of concrete structural systems including post-tensioned and precast concrete. Robert has an understanding of non-destructive testing techniques including concrete sounding and ground penetrating radar. A majority of the projects he has undertaken concern existing buildings in distress; i.e. buildings with moisture infiltration, corroded steel members, damaged concrete and masonry, as well as general building envelope failures of masonry, windows, and roofing. Through working on a wide range of building types and vintages he has developed an eye for locating problem areas and providing thoughtful solutions. As an engineer, he is responsible for identifying and developing details required for the appropriate building systems that are submitted and offers inputs in the design process.

Registered Professional Engineer


B.S., Civil Engineering, Widener University
Master of Engineering (Structural Engineering), Widener University