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Newstead Condominium Association

South East Orange, NJ


Newstead Condominium Association

O&S was hired by the Board of Directors to perform a condition assessment of the Newstead Condominium’s exterior walls and balconies. The six-story structure was constructed in 1986 and consists of 104 units. This report provided an exterior wall condition assessment of the Newstead in order to recommend a repair and maintenance plan. The recommendations were to commensurate with a long-term ownership strategy. The observed conditions were evaluated to the extent required to develop a conceptual repair program and opine the associated probable costs.

The scope of work performed assessed the condition of the building’s exterior walls and balconies and includes the following:

  1. Review of the existing architectural, structural framing, and previous project record drawings
  2. Review of the existing construction and determining of the weatherproofing systems and provisions for durability
  3. Observation of the exterior walls from roof and grounds
  4. Observation of the exterior walls from three suspended scaffold drops
  5. Observation of the Exploratory Openings at nine locations with the assistance of Quality Façade Contracting
  6. Map-observed conditions on survey drawings
  7. Recommendation of Conceptual Scope of Work and determining of probable construction costs

We recommended that the walls be reconstructed, and the balconies be repaired and waterproofed. Three options were developed for repairs to help manage the limited resources. The estimated repair budget was $2.9 million.