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Holmes Regional Medical Center

Melbourne, FL


Health First

O&S Associates performed a comprehensive façade Condition Assessment of the Holmes Regional Medical Center located in Melbourne, Florida. The façade is constructed almost entirely of concrete façade panels with smaller sections of EIFS and Stucco cladding. The building also has window units as well as window walls.

O&S identified several forms of deterioration in our façade assessment report, which included concrete spalls at the panel, deteriorated EIFS panels, cracked and debonded stucco plaster, and failed façade sealants and protective coatings.

O&S provided a tailored and comprehensive Façade Repair and Restoration Program, designed to remediate the existing damage, and provide waterproofing repairs and enhancements to protect and extend the life of the building façade. Structural repairs included concrete patch repairs, replacement of defective sections of EIFS, EIFS crack repairs, replacement of debonded stucco and stucco crack repairs.

The preventive maintenance program contained waterproofing elements for the key performance factors of the concrete panels, EIFS, Stucco, and windows. Recommendations included replacement of sealants at panel joints, replacement of glazing gaskets/seals at the window walls, sealant, and coating of the panels, EIFS, and Stucco with new aesthetic and protective waterproofing sealers and coatings, routing and sealing façade cracks, etc.

Project Size: Total Façade Area: 360,000 square feet

Construction Cost Estimate: $5.75 Million

Owner: Holmes Regional Medical Center, Melbourne, FL

Client/Owner Representative: Mr. Craig Whitaker, Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc., Cleveland, OH

Project Description:

O&S Associates performed the following services:

Recommended Scope of Work included the following: