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William T. Payne, PE of O&S Discusses Changes to FISP on NYC Real Estate Podcast

Host Mark Levine of NYC Property Management Firm EBMG sits down with William T. Payne, PE of engineering firm O & S Associates on the ever-expanding FISP (formerly Local Law 10 and Local Law 11) in New York City.

For buildings taller than 6 1/2 stories, FISP is an every-five year review of the facade. NYC law dictates when each building is to be inspected, how they’re inspected and what the requirements to file as SAFE, Safe With A Repair and Maintenance Program (SWARMP) or UNSAFE. Bill and Mark walk you through why the law came into place, the various degrees of inspections and how this present cycle (9) has changed to be more stringent on the inspection side and also on the job experience of those inspecting (plus why it’s about to get more expensive).

When does your building need to file in NYC?

Sub-Cycle A: Last Digit of Block # 4, 5, 6 or 9 – February 21, 2020 – February 21, 2022   

Sub-Cycle B: Last Digit of Block # 0, 7 or 8 – February 21, 2021 – February 21, 2023   

Sub-Cycle C: Last Digit of Block # 1, 2 or 3 – February 21, 2022 – February 21, 2024

Want to hear more straight for Bill Payne, email him directly at or call him at 646-736-0699.